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Bariers & Turnstiles

Barriers and Turnstiles

ICEL Pvt. Ltd. can install a wide range of barriers and turnstiles either on a stand-alone basis or as part of an Integrated Security system incorporating other security factors such as CCTV, Access Control and Alarm Monitoring.


ICEL Pvt. Ltd. can design & install a barrier system that will control vehicle or pedestrian movement, providing either a stand alone security system for your premises or complementing other systems such as CCTV, Access Control etc.

The key role of barriers is to prevent non-authorised access whilst providing minimum inconvenience to those that do have authorised access to the site. A proper system should allow rapid communication when any delay occurs, thereby making sure that there is no peak period congestion.

The more advanced systems we install have the capability to stop vehicles or people at the relevant barrier and not allow entry / exit until they identify themselves via a swipe / prox card. The operator of the system (who would also be responsible for the main security system) will then verify that the person presenting the card is the same as the person held on the system database. A decision is then made on allowing entry / exit.


When considering turnstile applications for clients, ICEL Pvt. Ltd. seeks to match the clients' security requirements with equipment that offers first class styling. As the majority of turnstiles are located in a clients main entrance lobby it's important that the turnstiles do not detract from the aesthetics of this area. Of course the turnstiles should also offer security and convenience with flow capacity (how many people are passing through the turnstiles) an important factor. There are numerous applications for turnstiles and not just in commercial premises.

ICEL Pvt. Ltd. has installed turnstiles in sports stadiums such as National stadium, retail stores, manufacturing plants and hospital environments. The turnstiles can also be integrated into a clients main security system so as to provide that extra level of security and control.

Part of the work we have undertaken at BAT (British American Tobacco) has been linking the turnstiles into the Automatic Access Control system that ICEL Pvt. Ltd. installed.

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