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Bio Metric Access Control

Biometric Access Control

Access control systems have traditionally been based on cards, pin codes or token readers. For many types of applications these type of systems are provide a perfectly adequate and cost effective solution for an organisations access control purposes.

However each of these systems has inherent drawbacks and limitations. For example traditional access control systems will allow any purposeful intruder to steal a card and gain access in an apparently 'legitimate' manner.

Biometric Security solves this problem and all the associated issues including problems with lost cards, forged cards and worn or damaged cards. For users the system also has the advantage of removing the need to carry cards or remember pin numbers. The price and availability of biometric identification equipment have improved significantly in the last few years, as a result biometric systems are moving out of specialised high security applications into the mainstream access control market.

Various types of biometric systems are currently being used for real-time identification, the most popular are based on face recognition and fingerprint matching. However, there are other biometric systems that utilise iris and retinal scan, speech, facial thermograms, and hand geometry. For some very high security operations ICEL Pvt. Ltd. may advise on a twofold process that includes both biometric and card identification. All the biometric systems we install allow the biometric readers the ability to compensate for environmentally induced changes such as cuts, swelling, temperature, and dirt

ICEL Pvt. Ltd. has been at the forefront of biometric access control systems design and installation since the technology first became available. Customers who have benefited from our expertise and experience in this area include HM Prisons, data centres, financial institutions and research establishments.

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