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Fire Protection
Fire Protection Systems

ICEL is committed to providing the most comprehensive and reliable fire fighting equipment and services to protect lives and properties. Our customers are assured the best from design, delivery, installation and service.

Our team of fire protection engineers, professionals and skilled technicians are well experienced in interpreting specification and requirements of enforcement authorities. With the understanding of these requirements, our engineers, and technicians will support installation as well as provide product training and efficient maintenance to ensure optimum performance of the system.

Fire Hydrant system is basically two types a) Wet Riser & b) Dry Riser. Fire Hydrant system is used mostly in high Rise Commercial & Residential Buildings. Where as Sprinkler system is used in the Hotels & Auditorium.

Automatic Gas Suppression System

INERT Gas (* INERGEN: *ARGON:), *FM-200 Gas:, C02 Gas INERGEN is made up of natural components existing in the air we breath. it will not cause any damage to the contents of the room or adversely affect the people inside, even in the case of a fire. Unlike some other agents, INERGEN discharges clearly without causing obstruction. By keeping escape routes visible, people Are able to safely exit the area. Inergen is the only agent tested on humans and proven to support human life following discharge. INERGEN is the most people friendly clean agent available. ARGON fire system uses a pure, natural product, argon, a gas present in air that after use returns to its place in the natural atmosphere cycle. Argon is an inert gas giving excellent visibility during discharge and possessing a law specific weight allowing a uniform concentration to be held within the protected enclosure for many minutes. Argon does not damage delicate equipment; it is clean, effective and free from environment impact. FM-200 gas is a clean, effective, environmentally friendly fire suppression agent, which is effective on all common types of fire. It is completely safe for life and property and does not adversely affect the protected contents when discharged into a room. The unique property of FM-200 gas makes it the perfect choice to protect all types of highly valuable and critical risks.

* ZERO ozone depletion potential* ZERO global warming potential * ZERO atmosphere life time Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems are on a very wide variety of hazards where it is important to detect, isolate and extinguish fires at the first flick of the flame. Carbon dioxide is used because it is one of the most efficient extinguishing agents yet developed for combating fires. It removes the Oxygen and covers the flames with a heavy gas blanket that dilutes the Oxygen supply in the surrounding atmosphere and literally strangles the fire to death.
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