Product Details

The SHIELD Butterfly valve is of gear wheel operated type is a durable,
easy handling. The Body is Bronze material, along with UL listed factory
installed inbuilt tamper/supervisory switch. Normally the valve is operated
to open or close the valve by hand wheel manually and closed slowly to
minimize water hammering effectively. The inbuilt supervisory switch is
provided with dry contacts to interface with fire alarm system for monitoring
the valve status, whether closed or open, during maintenance and make awareness
to the control room for monitoring. The tamper switch operates by a cam connected
to the valve stem. The switch will change position and close with two (2) full turns
of the hand wheel from the fully open position. The switch shall be connected
as per the schematic shown below and accordance to NFPA70 & 72 Water flows in both
direction and the valve can be installed either vertically or horizontally as required.