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Network Security System

Networking Security Systems

For reasons of cost efficiency and for great control and flexibility increasing numbers of companies are seeking to integrate their various security (and fire) systems into one centrally monitored, controlled and networked system.

Integrated and Networked solutions must be carefully planned, designed, installed and maintained. It is the skills necessary to design and deploy fully integrated security systems that sets ICEL Pvt. Ltd. apart from most of its competitors. We have extensive knowledge and experience of integrating different products such as CCTV, Access Control & Intruder Alarms, into a single networked system.

Integrated systems can be controlled manually or automatically, locally or remotely, from one or more terminals. They can include, for example: managing ID passes for entry to buildings or equipment, monitoring of fire and emergency lighting systems, control of surveillance cameras which can be programmed to automatically react to any alarm or incident triggered on the system, control of gates, car park barriers and intruder detection systems.

The systems we install have user-friendly front-end applications that can work across a variety of standard operating systems such as Windows, providing a simple graphic means of identifying 'events' by means of incorporated digital building plans. Our systems can even be integrated with your existing Local or Wide Area networks and linked easily to remote monitoring stations.

The commissioning of any system installed by ICEL Pvt. Ltd. is critical and our expertise in this area is second-to-none. Our integrated security solutions offer total security knowledge management and maximum security.

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