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Network PA System

Public Address Systems

As part of an integrated security and building management system ICEL Pvt. Ltd. can also install high quality public address and Public Address Voice Alarm systems.

Network PA System

1) Each local PA System in each site is able to have zone paging locally.
2) Broadcasting from HQ will be the highest priority to Site 2 to Site 9.
3) Recording of local broadcast cannot be done automatically on the local PA System of Site 2 to 9 .
4) Recording of HQ broadcast can be done on the local PA System of Site 2 to 9 only when HQ PA
system made a broadcast to that particular site. For recording, installation of TOA AR-71 and control
cables are required for each site.
5) Audio cable and control cables are required from NX-100 to VM-2000 series amplifier.
6) HQ Site would required 3 Fix IP Address, 1 switching hub, 9 bandwidths for installation of NX-100.
7) Site 2 to 9 would required 1 Fix IP Address, 1 switching hub, 1 bandwidth for installation of NX-100.
8) We recommended bandwidth of 1 line should be from 200 kbps to 820 kbps.
9) Please note that we cannot be responsible for the LAN and Internet portion.
10) Item no. 6,7,8 should be provided by others.
11) Please note that only the HQ PA system can made broadcast to site 2 to 9. PC with NX-100 software is required for broadcasting in HQ site.
12) Site 2 to 9 is not able to broadcast back to HQ as requirement states that site 2 to 9 are only receiving parties.
13) Software is require for all settings of NX-100 at all sites.

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