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Visitor Management

Visitor Management Systems

Its a long known fact that the weakest point in a building’s security is the front door. The most expensive and sophisticated security system will be no help preventing intruders if an effective visitor management strategy is not implemented.

ICEL Pvt. Ltd. can secure this potential weak point in your security strategy with our ‘front of house’ systems and services. These include our visitor management system which captures the face and details of every visitor or contractor on your site. Using systems designs and implemented by ICEL Pvt. Ltd. a facilities manager can create an access card in under a minute. This can be combined with digital CCTV Recording, working with your existing CCTV system to capture images of every member of staff, visitor or contractor entering your site.

Each of the above systems can be applied to other high security environments such as the financial marketplace and other susceptible industries.

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